Low-Hanging Fruit

aka Easy Targets for Newbies, Quick Wins for Pros

If you're not fluent in Rust:

  • Writing documentation
  • Using/testing Redox, filing issues for bugs and needed features
  • Web development (Redox website, separate repo)
  • Writing unit tests (may require minimal knowledge of rust)

If you are fluent in Rust, but not OS Development:

  • Apps development
  • Shell (Ion) development
  • Package manager (pkgutils) development
  • Other high-level code tasks

If you are fluent in Rust, and have experience with OS Dev:

  • Familiarize yourself with the repository and codebase
  • Grep for TODO, FIXME, BUG, UNOPTIMIZED, REWRITEME, DOCME, and PRETTYFYME and fix the code you find.
  • Improve and optimize code, especially in the kernel