Trait std::ops::FnOnce1.0.0 [] [src]

pub trait FnOnce<Args> {
    type Output;
    extern "rust-call" fn call_once(self, args: Args) -> Self::Output;

A version of the call operator that takes a by-value receiver.


By-value closures automatically implement this trait, which allows them to be invoked.

let x = 5;
let square_x = move || x * x;
assert_eq!(square_x(), 25);Run

By-value Closures can also be passed to higher-level functions through a FnOnce parameter.

fn consume_with_relish<F>(func: F)
    where F: FnOnce() -> String
    // `func` consumes its captured variables, so it cannot be run more
    // than once
    println!("Consumed: {}", func());


    // Attempting to invoke `func()` again will throw a `use of moved
    // value` error for `func`

let x = String::from("x");
let consume_and_return_x = move || x;

// `consume_and_return_x` can no longer be invoked at this pointRun

Associated Types

The returned type after the call operator is used.

Required Methods

Unstable (fn_traits #29625)

This is called when the call operator is used.