[][src]Struct syscall::io_uring::linux::io_uring_sqe

#[repr(C)]pub struct io_uring_sqe {
    pub opcode: u8,
    pub flags: u8,
    pub ioprio: u16,
    pub fd: i32,
    pub off_addr2: off_addr2,
    pub addr: u64,
    pub len: u32,
    pub cmd_flags: cmd_flags,
    pub user_data: u64,
    pub buf_index: buf_index,

The same submission entry type that Linux uses. While this struct is not source-compatible since this is Rust, it will be source and binary compatible from C.


opcode: u8flags: u8ioprio: u16fd: i32off_addr2: off_addr2addr: u64len: u32cmd_flags: cmd_flagsuser_data: u64buf_index: buf_index

Trait Implementations

impl GenericSubmissionEntry for io_uring_sqe[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for io_uring_sqe

impl Sync for io_uring_sqe

impl Unpin for io_uring_sqe

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