Arithmetic Expansions

We've exported our arithmetic logic into a separate crate calculate. We use this library for both our calc builtin, and for parsing arithmetic expansions. Use math if you want a REPL for arithmetic, else use arithmetic expansions ($((a + b))) if you want the result inlined. Variables may be passed into arithmetic expansions without the $ sigil, as it is automatically inferred that text references string variables. Supported operators are as below:

  • Add ($((a + b)))
  • Subtract($((a - b)))
  • Divide($((a / b)))
  • Multiply($((a * b)))
  • Powers($((a ** b)))
  • Square($((a²)))
  • Cube($((a³)))
  • Modulus($((a % b)))
  • Bitwise XOR($((a ^ b)))
  • Bitwise AND($((a & b)))
  • Bitwise OR($((a | b))))
  • Bitwise NOT($((a ~ b)))
  • Left Shift($((a << b)))
  • Right Shift($((a >> b)))
  • Parenthesis($((4 * (pi * r²))))

Take note, however, that these expressions are evaluated to adhere to order of operation rules. Therefore, expressions are not guaranteed to evaluate left to right, and parenthesis should be used when you are unsure about the order of applied operations.