This is the Redox OS book, which will go through (almost) everything about Redox: design, philosophy, how it works, how you can contribute, how to deploy Redox, and much more.

Please note that this book is work-in-progress.

If you want to skip straight to trying out Redox, see Getting started.

If you want to contribute to Redox, read these guides: CONTRIBUTING and Developing for Redox.

What is Redox?

Redox OS is a general-purpose operating system written in Rust. Our aim is to provide a fully functioning Unix-like microkernel-based operating system, that is secure, reliable and free.

We have modest compatibility with POSIX, allowing Redox to run many programs without porting.

We take inspiration from Plan 9, Minix, seL4, Linux, OpenBSD and FreeBSD. Redox aims to synthesize years of research and hard won experience into a system that feels modern and familiar.

This book is written in a way that you don't need any prior knowledge in Rust or OS development.