The first step is to install Rust. This is described in depth following Rust book Chapter 1

When creating a OrbTk application, we define the needed dependencies to the OrbTk crates in the Cargo.toml file of our project. The complile process will resolve the references and download the source as needed.

Command Line Notation

In this chapter and throughout the book, we’ll show some commands used in the terminal. Lines that you should enter in a terminal all start with $. You don’t need to type in the $ character; it indicates the start of each command. Lines that don’t start with $ typically show the output of the previous command. Additionally, PowerShell-specific examples will use > rather than $.


WIP: What are the most common culprits? Can we provide some general, basic solutions

Local Documentation

OrbTk offers the option to install its documentation locally, so you can read it offline.

Any time a type, a function, a method or a crate is reference by the toolkit and you’re not sure what it does or how to use it, have a look at its application programming interface API documentation to find out!