OrbTk workspace structure

While developing OrbTk, we try to take care of some basic principles

  • modularity
  • extensibility
  • multiplatfom awareness

Within the Rust ecosystem, workspaces are a natural way to distinct code blocks, that define a logical entity. That allow you to split one big crate into multiple smaller ones. Beside the ordering factor this code-splitting is great for avoiding repetitive compilation of the code, because only crates with changes have to be recompiled. The result may reduce the compile time by an order of magnitude. Obviously OrbTk is using such a structure.

We do provide to following workspaces:

  • orbtk
  • orbtk_core
  • orbtk_orbclient
  • orbtk_tinyskia
  • orbtk_widgets
  • proc_macros
  • utils

The components and relations within the code base will be discussed step by step in the following chapters.