This book fully embraces the potential of Rust for develpers creating modern, fast and extendable user interfaces. Since all component of OrbTk are coded in Rust itself, it inherits all the benefits of this extraorenary programming infrastructure. The minimalistic resource consumption, memory safety and a condensed, well structured modular source code are key factors that makes OrbTk a promising basis for your future multiplatform GUI projects.

Back in the 80’th runtime environments like Java pioniered the idea of a “programming once, run everywhere” toolchain. Rust in combination with OrbTk offers the opportunity to fullfill this goal while providing speed, safety and multithreading. You are free to lavarage the capabilities of modern hardware: Take advantage of multicore CPUs in microcomputers, single board computers or the diversity of cloud infrastructures. Rust let you compile native binary-code and OrbTk will offer the needed crates, to produce software that matches user demands: running fast, secure and reliable applications.

Its users will enjoy the friendly and approachable text, that is intended to help you level up not just your knowledge towards GUI development, but will also improve your understanding of Rust code. Dive in, get ready to be a member of the OrbTk and Rust community!

— Ralf Zerres