The Orbital Widget Toolkit

by Florian Blasius, with contributions from the Rust Community

annotated and documented by Ralf Zerres and all contributers

This version of the text assumes you’re using OrbTk v0.3.1 or later in conjuction with Rust v1.41.0 or later. Cargo.toml should define edition="2018". That enables and uses Rust 2018 Edition idioms in all derived projects.

See the “Installation” section of Chapter 1 to install or update OrbTk.

The 2020 Edition of this book is the initial release. It will be released with the OrbTk version 0.3.1.

  • Appendix A “Keywords”, explains the new raw identifiers.
  • Appendix D “Translations”, is work in progress. We will release instances of this book in the target language once they are translated.

For online reading, a HTML rendered version is available at Orbtk book_en. Alternatively you might want to have it handy for offline usage. Either you downlaod a rendered pdf or ebookversion or go ahead and download the source. Then kick on mdbook (the definition of the target location is optional).

mdbook build --dest-dir doc/book_en --open