Trying Out Redox

There are several games, demos and other things to try on Redox. Most of these are not included in the regular Redox build, so you will need to run the Demo system. There are both emulator and livedisk versions of the Demo system, available for download here. Currently, Redox does not have wifi support, so if you need wifi for some of the things you want to do, you are best to Run Redox in a Virtual Machine. Most of the suggestions below do not require network access, except where multiplayer mode is available.

On the Demo system, click on the Redox symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen. This brings up a menu, which, for the Demo system, has some games listed. Feel free to give them a try!

Many of the available commands are in the folders /bin and /ui/bin, which will be in your command path. Open a Terminal window and type ls file:/bin (or just ls /bin) to see some of the available commands. Some of the games listed below are in /games, which is not in your command path by default, so you may have to specify the full path for the command.


General programs


Rusthello is an advanced Reversi AI, made by HenryTheCat. It is highly concurrent, so this acts as a demonstration of Redox's multithreading capabilities. It supports various AIs, such as brute force, minimax, local optimizations, and hybrid AIs.

In a Terminal window, type rusthello.

Then you will get prompted for various things, such as difficulty, AI setup, and so on. When this is done, Rusthello interactively starts the battle between you and an AI or an AI and an AI.

Periodic Table

The Periodic Table /ui/bin/periodictable is a demonstration of the OrbTk user interface toolkit, which is part of the Redox Orbital user interface.


Sodium is Redox's Vi-like editor. To try it out, open a terminal window and type sodium.

A short list of the Sodium defaults:

  • hjkl - Navigation keys
  • ia - Go to insert/append mode
  • ; - Go to command-line mode
  • shift-space - Go to normal mode

For a more extensive list, write ;help.

Games with a SDL backend


Freedoom is a first-person shooter in the form of content for a Doom engine. For Redox, we have included the PrBoom engine to run Freedoom. You can find the Freedoom website here. PrBoom can be found here. Click on the Redox logo on the bottom left, and choose Games, then choose Freedoom. Or open a Terminal window and try /games/freedoom1 or /games/freedoom2.

Hit Esc and use the arrow keys to select Options->Setup->Key Bindings for keyboard help.

Neverball and Nevergolf

Neverball and Nevergolf are 3D pinball and golf respectively. Click on the Redox logo on the bottom left, and choose Games, then choose from the menu.


Sopwith is a game allows you to control a small plane. Originally written in 1984, it used PC graphics, but is now available using the SDL library. In a Terminal window type sopwith.

  • Comma ( , ) - Pull back
  • Slash ( / ) - Push forward
  • Period ( . ) - Flip aircraft
  • Space - Fire gun
  • B - Drop Bomb


Syobon Action is 2D side-scrolling platformer that you won't enjoy. In a Terminal window, type syobonaction. It's recommended that you read the GitHub page so you don't blame us.

Terminal Games Written in Rust

Also check out some games that have been written in Rust, and use the Terminal Window for simple graphics. In a Terminal window, enter one of the following commands:

  • baduk - Baduk/Go
  • dem - Democracy
  • flappy - Flappy Bird clone
  • ice - Ice Sliding Puzzle
  • minesweeper - Minesweeper but it wraps
  • reblox - Tetris-like falling blocks
  • redoku - Sudoku
  • snake - Snake