Downloading packages with pkg

pkg is the Redox package manager which allows you to add binary packages to a running system. If you want to compile packages, or include binary packages during the build, please see Including Programs in Redox.

You may get better results in an emulator like QEMU than in real hardware (due to limited network devices support).

This tool can be used instead of make rebuild if you add a new recipe on your TOML config (desktop.toml for example).

  • Clean an extracted package
pkg clean package-name
  • Create a package
pkg create package-name
  • Extract a package
pkg extract package-name
  • Download a package
pkgfetch package-name
  • Install a package
pkg install package-name
  • List package contents
pkg list package-name
  • Get a file signature
pkg sign package-name
  • Upgrade all installed packages
pkg upgrade
  • Replace command by one of the above options to have detailed information about them
pkg help command

All commands needs to be run with sudo because /bin and /pkg belongs to root.

The available packages can be found here.