The best way to communicate with the Redox team is on Matrix Chat. You can open the Redox Matrix space and see the rooms that are available (if you was accepted on the space, because only space members can see all rooms), these rooms are English-only, we don't accept other languages because we don't understand them.

Matrix has several different clients. Element is a commonly used choice, it works on web browsers, Linux, MacOSX, Windows, Android and iOS.

If you have problems with Element, try nheko.

All rooms available on the Redox space:


If you want to have a big discussion in our Matrix space you should use a thread.

A thread is a list of messages, like a forum topic, they are linked to the original message and keep the room clean for more discussions.

To start a thread on Element, hover your mouse cursor over the desired message and click on the button with a message icon, to see all threads of some room click on the top-right button with a message icon.

We mostly use Element threads but there are other Matrix clients with threads support, like nheko.


Threads on Element has some bugs, typically marking messages as still unread, even after you have read them.

  • If the Threads button on the top right has a dot, you have unread messages on some thread.
  • If a thread has a dot beside it, you have unread messages in that thread. Click on the thread to read it.
  • Due to bugs, a thread you have previously read can show a dot and possibly count as unread messages. Click on the thread and make sure you have read it, and to clear it. If it is still not cleared, click on the "Thread options" ... button on the top right and select "Show in room". This will often clear it.
  • You can also mark an entire room as "Read" by mousing over the Room name and selecting "Mark as read" from the "Room options" ... button.
  • After doing these steps, if you still have problems, try reloading the page.