The desktop environment of Redox (Orbital) is provided by a set of programs that run in user-space.

  • Orbital - The display server and window manager sets up the orbital: scheme, manages the display, and handles requests for window creation, redraws, and event polling.

  • Launcher - The launcher multi-purpose program that scans the applications in the /apps/ directory and provides the following services:

    • Called Without Arguments - A taskbar that displays icons for each application
    • Called With Arguments - An application chooser that opens a file in a matching program.
      • If one application is found that matches, it will be opened automatically
      • If more than one application is found, a chooser will be shown


The following are GUI utilities that can be found in the /apps/ directory.

  • Calculator - A calculator that provides similar functionality to the calc program.
  • Editor - A simple editor that is similar to Notepad.
  • File Browser - A file browser that displays icons, names, sizes, and details for files. It uses the launcher command to open files when they are clicked.
  • Image Viewer - A simple image viewer.
  • Sodium - A vi-like editor that provides syntax highlighting.
  • Terminal Emulator - An ANSI terminal emulator that launches the Ion shell by default.