This page contain a list of references for Rust programming, OS development, ideas, porting and computer science to help developers.



If you don't know how to port some program or library, you can see the build system documentation or software ports of other operating systems.

OS development

  • OSDev wiki - The best wiki about OS development of the world.
  • Writing an OS in Rust - Blog series to write an operating system in Rust.
  • Rust OSDev - Monthly reports with updates on the Rust low-level ecosystem libraries and operating systems.


  • Linux - The Linux kernel contain lots of ideas that improved the Unix design (POSIX) and system engineering.
  • Android - Android created many ideas to improve the system security and power efficiency.
  • FreeBSD - Ideas - The future ideas of FreeBSD.
  • FreeBSD - Documentation
  • Fedora - Change Proposals - For years the Fedora Linux distribution tested and implemented new technologies for the Linux ecosystem.

Manual Pages

Source Code

If you want to implement something (drivers, hardware interfaces, fix bugs, etc) but the documentation is not good or not available, you can verify the implementation of other operating systems.

Computer Science