Continuous Integration

The continuous integration helps developers to automated the program testing as the code evolves, it detects broken things or regressions.

The developer add a configuration file on the Git repository root with the commands to test the things.

Most known as "CI", it's provided by a Git service (like GitHub and GitLab) in most cases.

In Redox we use the Redoxer program to setup our GitLab CI configuration file, it downloads our toolchain, build the program to the Redox target using Cargo and run the program inside a Redox virtual machine.

Configure Your Repository

To setup your CI runner with Redoxer you need to add these commands to your CI configuration file:

  • Install Redoxer
cargo install redoxer
  • Install the Redox toolchain on Redoxer
redoxer toolchain
  • Build your program or library to Redox
redoxer build

You need to customize Redoxer for your needs (test types of your CI jobs)