This is the default filesystem of Redox OS, inspired by ZFS and adapted to a microkernel architecture.

Redox had a read-only ZFS driver but it was abandoned because of the monolithic nature of ZFS that created problems with the Redox microkernel design.

(It's a replacement for TFS)

Current features:

  • Compatible with Redox and Linux (FUSE)
  • Copy-on-write
  • Data/metadata checksums
  • Transparent encryption
  • Standard Unix file attributes
  • File/directory size limit up to 193TiB (212TB)
  • File/directory quantity limit up to 4 billion per 193TiB (2^32 - 1 = 4294967295)
  • Disk encryption fully supported by the Redox bootloader, letting it load the kernel off an encrypted partition.
  • MIT licensed

Being MIT licensed, RedoxFS can be bundled on GPL-licensed operating systems (Linux, for example).